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What is a Design Stylist?

We are design gurus who seek to offer you creative "Wow" ideas! If you want your wedding or event to be beautiful and different but not sure how to accomplish that, then consider hiring us as your Event  Designer and Stylist. Some people are often stuck for inspiration, some people know exactly what they want to achieve but feel they need someone to physically carry our their dream idea so that they can relax and enjoy the moment with family and friends; either way, we are here to assist. We truly believe our styling will benefit your wedding or event and we are ready and willing to work with you! 

Why hire an Event Stylist/Designer?

Most planners are NOT event stylist/designers. An event stylist focus on creating stunning visual displays for your event. The day of your event can be stressful and busy, especially if it is your wedding. A planner's job on the day of the wedding is all about logistics: did vendors show up on time, did they bring the required items, are photos starting on time, sending people down the aisle, are the caterers prepared and ready, making sure the timeline is being followed, etc. Your planner does not have time to make sure that every detail is set to  perfection, that is what your Stylist or Designer is for.  Your Event Stylist helps you to create a cohesive look/brand from start to finish of your wedding  or event. Think of building a home, you wouldn't hire your builder to actually design the inside of your home, you would hire an interior designer. A planner is like the builder, they put all of the pieces together to create the logistics of your event/wedding. The designer is one of the pieces, like the baker, florist, photographer, etc. they specialize in designing spaces, where as the planner specialized in the logistics. 

How are you different than a
Wedding Planner? 

We focus mainly on the designs and aesthetics of your wedding. We are designers so we focus on what we know! Many couples can make their own arrangements for much of the logistics but may get lost on how to pull it all together for a stunningly, beautiful wedding! This is where we come in! We handle creating and executing the overall decor concept including: color palette, bouquets, flowers, centerpieces, tablescapes, rentals, linens, placing favors, menus and escort cards (or designing an escort card table), ceremony, cocktail, reception and cake decor and other decorative decor such as candles, fabric draping, mirrors, picture displays and guest seating tables.

How much time in advance do I contact you?

Generally people get in touch with us one year in advance. It’s

a personal choice.


We can design a wedding as close as three months (or closer) before the big day,  depending on your vision.

What about breakages and losses?

Damaged or lost items will be charged to the client at the replacement value.

My friend/family wants to assist with the
set-up of my wedding? Can they assist?

Let us answer this question with another question: Why would you want to make your invited wedding guests work on your wedding day when they should be celebrating with you? Your friends and family may agree to help you on your day, but believe us, they probably don’t really feel comfortable working on one of the most important days of your life; trust us! We handle all of the details! Let your friends and family enjoy your special day as they relax and merrily snap albums of smart-phone pictures. We got this! 

How do I go about booking your services
for my Wedding/Event?

Once we have completed a detailed proposal for you and you have reviewed  and signed it, then a 30% deposit is required upon acceptance of the proposal with the remaining 70% balance being paid in monthly intervals during the months leading up to your wedding/event date.

Who sets up the wedding and decor
for my wedding day?

Styled Beautiful Events has an experienced, passionate team that designs and use only the freshest, best quality flowers ordered from abroad for you, to create your floral pieces. Our experienced professionals ensure all the floral arrangements for your wedding are perfectly prepared for your special day!


We have the right tools and experience to create, build and set-up the decor you wish to have on your wedding day. Overseeing and directing all aspects of the decoration plan, as well as production and design, installation and completion is our responsibility. Any possible alterations that may be required (ie: due to changing weather conditions) our team is ready at all times to carry them out ensuring your special day is as perfect as it should be!

Do you provide full-service decor
set-up and breakdown?

Yes, we provide full service logistics. Our team will deliver, set up, breakdown and pick up the décor.

We also provide full floral and decor services for Rehearsal Dinners.

In addition, we can also provide floor plan layouts at a small fee. 

Do you have Wedding Packages?

Yes, we do have a few specific wedding packages relating to Traditional or Beach Weddings.


We know that each wedding is uniquely different and this is why we allow customization of the packages as well as if you have your own specified needs, we certainly work with that!


Some brides request only their bridal bouquet, and little flowers for the reception tables, while others want bouquets for multiple bridal attendants and many reception centerpieces and decor.

Every single request is equally important to us and we take pride in making your wedding dreams come true, whether simple or elaborate!

Do you travel for on-site delivery and
of floral and decor?

Yes we do, however this incurs travel, lodging, per diem, shipping of items, labor fees etc. 


These fees will be included in the final budget if you book our services.

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