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Tropical Beauty!

This wedding was a DREAM!

We partnered with Chic Bahamas Weddings and went drove to Little Exuma to the Exuma Outpost, a beautiful Bahamian homestead where wverything for this wedding was held.

The colors chosen were beautiful! Soft blue, peach, pink, soft peach

and lots of greenery.

The weather was perfect and we worked all day to create the beautiful centerpieces for the oblong and square tables. While the bride and groom and their family and guests enjoyed the local water sports and beautiful beaches, we prepared the setting for the evening nuptials.

The time arrived, and the bride and groom were beyond pleased with the entire set-up. As night fell, the lighting and candlelight effect was beautiful and the combination of colors floral colors and types and table linens, brought it all together!

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