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All the way from Africa!

We came into contact with this couple via email about two months before their elopement.

It was the groom that had reached out to us and he was excited to plan something special for his new bride! He was clear on what he wanted for her and we were happy to assist!

Unfortunately, they faced delays on two occassions which caused their elopement to get pushed back two months later.

Even up to the night before the elopement, they still faced issues (documentation) and the groom reached out to explain and ask if we still could accomodate them a few days later! We assured him that we will!

On the day of, we delivered the floral items to the officiant who would be overseeing their elopement.

A week later, we got the sweetest "thank you" and appreciation message from the groom letting us know how please he and his new wife were! We were ecstatic to hear that we had another satisfied clientele! He also sent us a few lovely photos of their special day!

They came all the way from Africa to seal their love on the shores of our beautiful country!

Wishing them all the very best!

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